Wyvern FC Payment System Joins the 21st Century

Wyvern FC Payment System Joins the 21st Century

By Tony Stevens
24 May
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New Online GoCardless Payment System Launched

The Wyvern Committee is always looking ways to simplify the club processes on behalf of itself and its players / parents.

Towards the end of last year, we moved on to a new Pitchero website platform, enabling Wyvern FC to:

  • Communicate with all members directly rather than via team managers
  • Provide parents and players with a mobile phone app, in addition to the club website for getting match/training information
  • Simplify recording of fixtures/results etc by managers for end of season awards
  • Eliminate paper-based annual membership forms
  • Facilitate easier payment from parents

The last of these aims was to eliminate the need for future match/training fees to be collected via our hard-working team managers, in favour of an online payment system called GoCardless, for the following payments:

Additional summer training
Parents of players in teams who have decided to continue training over the summer (at an additional monthly cost to the fees above), will shortly receive a message from our Pitchero website asking them to set up 3 monthly payments starting 1st June 2019 via GoCardless, to cover the additional training pitch cost.

Match/training fees for the coming season
Prior to the start of the oncoming season on 1st August 2019, parents will be asked to confirm their details for the coming season, accepting the club code of conduct etc and to set up an online automatic payment for match/training fees, with the following 2 options:

  1. £210 per annum collected immediately by GoCardless as a single amount
  2. £220 per annum collected by GoCardless as £60 immediately, followed by 8 further payments of £20 per month starting on 1st September 2019

I hope you will agree this is a much simpler way of collecting payments for all concerned and we would ask that you help this changeover by setting up your payments when requested.

If you have any questions about any of this, please feel free to speak with a committee member or your team manager.

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